Incorporation and management of companies

Our team of lawyers specialized in company law provides consultancy and advice to Romanian or foreign companies, both to associations and foundations carrying out their activity in Romania.
Our services are complete, starting from providing the best solutions regarding the setting up of companies, drafting constitutive acts and further providing legal advice for our corporate clients, including mergers and acquisitions, drafting, drawing up and certifying commercial contracts, assistance in negotiations or reconciliations, as well as representation in front of the courts of law.


Intellectual Property

bHristescu Emiliab practice provides legal services for the legal exploitation and exercise of rights in the area of intellectual property. In view of protecting the intellectual and industrial rights of our clients, the HCA lawyers perform trade mark registrations with the State Office for Inventions and Trade Marks, offers legal advice regarding copyright, breach of intellectual and industrial property, unfair competition and falsifying trade marks, also ensuring legal representation in case of litigation related to intellectual property, in front of the competent courts of law, from Romania or abroad.


Electronic communication & IT

We cover a wide range of issues related to electronic communication; our lawyers provide assistance and advice regarding electronic commerce and trading, electronic payments, communications via the internet, data protection, transfer of technology, sale of hardware parts, as well as aspects related to development of software, fixed and mobile telephony. We advice clients on the transfer of the rights granted by the regulating authorities in the area of communication.


Real estate transactions & financial investments

Our expertise in the area of real estate investments and transactions includes amongst others review of the property titles, mortgaging of properties, and potential litigations regarding the said assets. HCA lawyers assist our clients in transfer of properties, purchasing and developing construction projects. We draft and analyze the pre sale purchase agreements or lease of immovables agreements, we draw up contract and investment agreements, we provide legal support in obtaining financial funds for constructions and real estate purchases, and we represent the interests of our clients in potential litigations.


Work relations

In the bHristescu Emiliab practice there is a team specializing in work relations, relations between employers and employees. We draft, analyze and certify the individual labour agreements, collective labour agreements at the level of a unit or a branch of activity, we assist clients in collective negotiations with unions and patronages, we provide consultancy in the area of reorganizing the activity. Also, we provide special assistance for employment of foreign citizens in Romania.


Constructions & contracting

We provide solutions for natural and legal person interested in legal protection upon executing a construction. Our team of lawyers ensures drawing up, reviewing and negotiating the contracting or subcontracting agreements.
We stand by our clients in litigations regarding the non-observance of the obligations provided in the construction agreements, looking for the best solutions possible for efficiently and amiably solving the legal issues.




Agreements of any kind are present in the activity of each legal person and are essential for developing the business. In order to grant security, agreements need to include certain standard clauses or depending on the requirements of the activity for which such are conceived. Our specialists have in view profitability increase of the HCA clients and this is why the latter closely concerns itself with drawing up civil and commercial agreements, covering all risks that may arise during the unfolding of the agreement and when needed holding liable the party at fault.




Transports are a means of movement of freight, goods and persons. For the safety of any kind of transport legal protection is required. Considering the expertise of our lawyers, bHristescu Emiliab practice covers a wide range of legal issues related to naval, railroad and air transport.


Mediation and reconciliation


As an alternative method to litigation among parties in front of the courts of law, mediation or reconciliation offer the advantage of amiably solving of disputes, also being much quicker. HCA Lawyers evaluate the legal situation, and following the analysis establish the most efficient method of solving the conflicts. We deal with the entire procedure related to direct negotiation, assisting our clients for the entire duration of the mediation and trying to obtain the best results following the reconciliation among parties.



Litigation and arbitration


In the cases where direct reconciliation fails or there is no other way to solve the dispute, the only solution for obtaining a solution to the conflict is turning to the competent courts of law for solving such litigation.
Vastly experienced in civil and commercial litigation, our team of lawyers offers a clear analysis of the legal situation of the conflict, advising clients with respect to the most advantageous ways to follow in case of dispute resolution.

Where possible, dispute resolution via arbitration is more rapid and efficient. Our lawyers make efforts to draft and negotiate the agreements by means of which possible conflicts among parties to be solved by means of arbitration, as this means presents more advantages: a more rapid procedure, arbitral resolutions binding for both parties, thus eliminating the ways of attack to reach the termination of the conflict.


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